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                     My girlfriends and I were returning home from some shopping one evening and had decided to go lounge out in the sun in our backyard. We entered through the gate in to our yard and were surprised to see my boyfriend sunbathing out in the sun. He was completely naked except for a pair of sunglasses; his entire body was bare and exposed, his skin gently glistening with tanning lotion.  He was lying pretty still, and didn’t seem to notice that we were there despite the fact that my friends were giggling. I felt pretty embarrassed and wanted to get my friends away from my naked boyfriend as quickly as possible.
“I think he’s asleep. Why don’t we go inside? Then I can come out with a towel and let him know we’re here” .....
I whispered to my friends, “I’d rather go up and have a closer look.” Said my friend Christina, grinning playfully at me. "Me too.” Continued Gwen.
        We over crept slowly to where he was resting in the sun, I glanced over at my friend’s faces to notice that both of the girls were peering directly at his cock. They seemed so curious to see my boyfriend’s cock and I couldn’t help but feel slightly proud that they found my boyfriend’s naked body so intriguing. The girls and I were now stood surrounding my boyfriend as he lay there in the warm sun.
My friend Gwen reached out to touch his cock and ......

All models 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction.  Custodian Of Records (U.S.C 2257)