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Release Date: Today
Starring: 4 Random Guys From The Street plus 4 Of Brandi's Friends
The Story: Guess The Cock Length, Choose Your Favorite Dick, Who Can Spurt The Farthest and More!
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Friendly Surprise
I had a surprise for a few of my friends today. I had them come to my hotel room and sit on the bed, then when they were not expecting it, I had a guy come out of the bathroom in a robe! I also made him wear really weird underwear. I told the girls to play with his penis until it was hard and then they had to guess how big it was! I got to measure it to see who won, and I must say, it was pretty long and thick, I liked it alot. I then told the girls to give him a great handjob, but after two minutes they started sucking on it! that was not part of the plan so I made them go back to jerking him off. When he was close to cumming I had him cum on a plate and I ate it ;)
Penis Size
Miami's a fun place and i like the people here a lot. We thought it would be fun to go around south beach to find out the average dick size of the men around these parts. I also thought it would be fun to pick up a couple guys who were willing on the way to take them with me and measure them myself. Which of course we had no problem finding. I chose the two guys who said they had the biggest cocks and luckily for me they weren't lying. Of course i was never planning on only measuring them. So i gave one of them a handjob and fucked the other guy. They were both great and I think everyone involved had a really good time. They both left with great big smiles on their faces which also puts a smile on mine :)
Penis Inspection
Once again I had a big surprise for all my friends, and I mean a BIG surprise!!!!! I gathered 3 friends and had them sit on the bed while I brought out this guy with a gigantic penis, it was over 10 inches long and thick as my fist! It had a very oddly shaped purple head and I thought that was great. So I had the guy come out and show us his penis, we each got to touch it a little bit and make him really hard. He also played with it infront of us for a bit and we measured it in all sorts of ways to see how big it was. None of us had ever seen a penis that big and were really excited. Each of us decided to try different size condoms on the huge penis to see which one fit. It was crazy, soo many would not fit until we got to the XXL condom and even that was tough to get on! Once that condom was on, we each took turns giving him a great handjob into the condom, then we took turns touching the cum in the tip of the condom, it was very warm! My friends and I had a great day :)
Camera Guy Handjob
I was tired of wandering the streets looking for a guy that would like a free handjob on camera. The best part was, the guy would not even have to show his face, but still no luck. I convinced my friend on camera to let me give him a handjob. It was sort of weird at first cause I dont really look at my friend this way, I just sort of pay him to tape my adventures, so it was different but good at the same time because he had no problem getting hard, even though his dick was kind of strange looking, I got him off and had my video!
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